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pic_zomickMark was born in good old New York City back in in the day. His first meeting with the JM extended family occurred before he was born as his parents lived in the same Washington Heights apartment as Rabbi & Shevy Yudin. His next encounter with the JM extended family was with Rabbi Zev Segal, Nachum’s father. As a close friend of Mark’s grandfather, Rabbi Segal was called upon to name Mark at his bris- perhaps that is why his Hebrew name is Nachum.

Following a short stint in the Heights, Mark’s family moved to Far Rockaway where he attended South Shore Yeshiva for a short time. Six years later the Zomicks moved to their current home in Teaneck, New Jersey. Mark and his sisters joined the ranks at The Yeshiva of Hudson County where he graduated in the top 95% of his class. After attending, TA then MTA then TMSTA (they kept changing the name) Mark went on to Yeshiva College where he became involved in as many student activities as time allowed. It is there that he met Robert Katz who, as WYUR Program Director, turned him down for his first radio show. Finally, Howard T Konig saw his talent and the rest is radio history.

Mark first met Nachum when they were both attending Camp Morasha and he substituted for the first time in 1986. On his first broadcast he discovered that the speakers in the studio go off when the microphone is on- perhaps that was why he didn’t hear the record skip while he was on the phone.

Mark spent 13 years at MediaVest Worldwide, one of the country’s largest purchasers of television commercial time. He worked in many capacities and concluded his stint there in the Strategic Resources Group.

In 2002 he was named the Comptroller at Main Event Caterers in Englewood and in 2004 he became Vice President; Director of Operations at Ariel Tours.

In 2006 Mark became COO of A&M Media, a magazine publisher. A&M’s flagship publication, Tu Tarjeta Y Màs, is distributed with pre-paid telephone cards.

Mark Zomick joined MEC in early 2008 for the purpose of integrating many of the data resources provided to AT&T and their analytics partners. He was charged with being interface between the media teams and Market Mix Modelers, consultants, optimizers and other AT&T clientele. Mr. Zomick was brought in based on his years of experience in the media planning, research, analytics and technology roles he has played throughout his career.

Since joining MEC, Mark has added the additional responsibility of managing the Competitive Research group. These roles have combined in a way to give him the unique opportunity to formulate MEC’s Database 2009 project. This project sees the implementation of a “unified” AT&T database that would include internal as well as competitive research. He now oversees a team of talented people whose responsibility it is to manage the agency’s Data Integration and Competitive Analytics practice. He was named a Managing Partner in 2011.

Mark lives in Teaneck with his wife Rachelle (Weinberg) and their children- Shoshana, Leora and Adam. They attend the Young Israel of Teaneck where Mark is a past President and current Vice President. He also serves on the Board of the Torah Academy of Bergen County.

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