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6:00 A.M.
JM in the AM
Host: Nachum Segal
Featuring: The Weekly Update with Nachum and Malcolm Hoenlein, great Jewish music, the Torah Portion of the Week with Rabbi Benjamin Yudin.
Click here for the daily JM in the AM playlists.
9:00 A.M.
Table for Two
Host: Naomi Nachman
Featuring: Naomi hosts Shifra Klein, Editor of Joy of Kosher Magazine and Ari White of Wandering Que.

10:00 A.M.
Erev Shabbat Music Mix
Sponsored by our friends at Kedem

12:00 P.M.
Erev Shabbat Live Lunch
Host: Mark Zomick
Featuring: Great Jewish Music
Sponsored by our friends at Kedem

Saturday Night
Saturday Night Segal
Host: Avrumi Finkelstein
Featuring: Great Jewish music and Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler on the Torah portion of the week.

11:00 P.M.
Host: Dovid Lichtenstein
Featuring: Debates of modern day issues and halacha with various rabbis and community leaders.

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You can listen to JM in the AM w/Nachum Segal from 6-9 a.m. ET each weekday on the great NSN App and here on our website.

You can also listen on your smartphone: iPhone or Android are available.

Or You can dial in to our listener line: 605-562-4400

The Nachum Segal Stream is now online and is always free! See the Stream Schedule below and stream great Jewish radio all day / everyday.

Check out the Nachum Segal Network archives of all of our great programming here.

Get the JM in the AM app. Listen on your phone or mobile device!

If you have an iPhone, try our app by going to the iPhone app store. Click this link to be directed to the Nachum Segal Network App page on iTunes. You can also get it by going to iTunes and searching for "Jewish Music Nachum Segal App". For Android visit the Google play store with this link. With the app you can now listen to and download all show archives!

Click here for the JM in the AM archive page.

Stream / Archive Problems?

Don't forget, please contact us with any problems or questions you have with our stream. If the signal goes out, or anything weird or unusual happens with our stream, please tell us! When you write, please specify which stream or archive you are having trouble with. Please include the address of the page that you are trying to launch the stream or archive from, and also let us know the name and version of the audio player you are using. You can reach us by going to the Contact Us page or by sending inquiries to

  • It took one dreamer, acting on a sad opportunity, joined by teams of caring and creative people to showcase the humanity that we used to display all the time. And we didn't fix the world. But for a few hours, as our candles of dedication burned, we publicized the power of humanity, goodness, and community.

    President Richard Joel, Yeshiva University
    Excerpt from "Times Of Israel," December 12, 2015, in response to "Let There Be Light: The Concert for Jewish Unity